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The Alcantara River Park attributes the «Nature Park Quality Mark» to the companies most closely to the “Park system” and which, together with the management body, are committed to improving territorial quality.

Along the “water way” it is possible to find high quality local food from ancient traditional cultivations.
The ancient dairy tradition makes fresh and mature cheese (the pecorino, a hard cheese made from ewe’s milk and the provole, a cow’s milk cheese, are excellent to taste), but even the new preparations created with other local products, such as the walnut to produce the “walnut cheese”, is a very original way to taste Alcantara’s food.
In the Mojo valley there is a rich production of peaches. Their very high quality is due to the tradition of picking only ripe fuits in order to keep their excellent taste.
The Alcantara landscape is characterized by wealthy fruit tree cultivations and each town has its own high quality crop production (citrus fruits, cherries, loquats, walnuts) that are also a “cultural” heritage of ancient tradition.
Wine and oil are excellent, it is worth tasting a slice of handmade bread with oil…its fragrance will become a souvenir of your visit to Alcantara Park..

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